About Us

My name is John James a resident of Notting Hill an area known for its street festival and the famous Portobello market. I started designing in 2020 after making a T-shirt for my Chocolate business. Discovering that I could do a lot more with the service l was using. I decided to utilise some wooden Ankhs that I had made by hand, Fabrics that my Mother had collected over several years and Photos; Inspired by Nature, Anthropology, African Culture Love and Life itself!   I was born 1965 the Hippie era, a time of imaginative and surreal design! In the Mid 1970s to late 1980 Black Men and boys had adopted a particular type of swagger! I would say it was influenced by the way Gangsters dressed in the Hollywood movies we had grown up watching. There used to be a Tailor on the Harrow road call G.S Roseman where we would get our Suits and Trousers made to measure. We Shopped at places like "Cecil Gee", "Davis" "Burberry", "Aquascutum" Suits and Shoes from Saville Row, Jermyn Street and Harvey Nicholls to name a few. In the 1980s when the Hip Hop Era was established dressing styles changed, some of us retained our original style some adopted the new trends coming from the Caribbean Islands and Africa